Soterius selects MIP Diagnostics’ synthetic antibodies for rapid COVID-19 biosensor

Link to Full Article Soterius, an Australian medical device startup in the field of respiratory infection has selected MIP Diagnostics, a UK specialist in molecularly imprinted polymers for the affinity reagent in their novel COVID-19 biosensor. The Soterius biosensor utilizes MIP Diagnostics’ COVID-19 nanoMIP, which acts as a synthetic antibody to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. […]

MIP Diagnostics’ COVID-19 nanoMIP offers significantly improved sensitivity to antibodies in a diagnostic sensor

Link to Full Article MIP Diagnostics Ltd. has today shared the news that its COVID-19 nanoMIP outperforms commercial antibodies in a sensor platform, which could enable improved detection of lower viral loads during a wider infection period. Following the launch of its COVID-19 nanoMIP in April 2021, the business has worked with external collaborators to […]