New medical device platform takes flight: Global Health Sciences Fund invests in Canary Medical’s proprietary, “smart” implant technology designed to improve outcomes in post-surgical patients

The Canary Health Implantable Reporting Processor (CHIRP) uses innovative sensor and novel communication technology in medical devices to enable remote patient monitoring. “Smart” medical devices will self-report on everything from patient activity to recovery and even treatment failure, without the need for physician intervention or a dependence upon patient compliance. May 17, 2018 13:06 ET […]

Canary Medical and BioScience Managers form CHARM Informatics

BioScience Managers commits AUS$10M to new joint venture with Canary Medical to serve as a platform to collect and monetize data from implantable and wearable medical devices. Vancouver, British Columbia, Aug 1, 2017 – Canary Medical (Canary) is pleased to announce the formation of CHARM Informatics Pty Ltd (CHARM), in collaboration with BioScience Managers Pty Ltd […]