Jeremy in Türkiye as a guest at the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK)

“Jeremy Curnock-Cook, the world-famous name in the field of Biotechnology, was our guest – evaluating developments and investment opportunities in the field of new-generation technology.” From Erdem Erkul, CEO of Cerebrum Technologies, and Chairperson of Digital Technologies Business Council of DEIK. LinkedIn post Caner Çolak, Secretary General of DEIK Erdem Erkul, CEO of Cerebrum Technologies […]

Remembering Joseph Zawaideh, Co-Founder of Levitate Technologies

Link: Last month passed away exoskeleton technology pioneer Joseph Zawaideh. He was the Co-Founder and the Vice President of Marketing & Business Development of Levitate Technologies. While Joseph was not a close personal friend with anyone at the Exoskeleton Report, we shared an unshakable belief that occupational exoskeletons can make the life of workers all […]


1 April 2022: As leading healthcare investors, BioScience Managers welcomes the on-going bipartisan support for Australia’s developing biotechnology sector following the March Federal Budget. However, BioScience Managers is calling for greater backing from Australia’s investment community, particularly institutional investors, to retain the benefits of Australian innovation within Australia as a critical part our post COVID-19 pandemic recovery. […]

$25m spur for vital bio-med projects

Biomedical projects at the cutting edge of innovation will receive a $25m cash injection, in a boost for next-gen medicine including stem cell research, new treatments for autism and a technology that allows medicine to be taken through the skin. The $25m investment through the federal Biomedical Translation Fund will potentially benefit thousands of Australians […]

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology $41.7 million boost to commercialise lifesaving medical discoveries

Link to Full Article Joint media release with Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, announcing $500 million to take an innovative nasal treatment to fight COVID-19, common colds and flu to the next stage of testing. An innovative nasal treatment to fight COVID-19, common colds and flu is being taken to the next […]

Amarin Soars as Fish Oil Pill Cuts Risk of Strokes in Long-Awaited Study

Xconomy New York — Amarin Soars as Fish Oil Pill Cuts Risk of Strokes in Long-Awaited Study Can fish oil help prevent, or reduce the risk of heart disease? Several studies have failed to show that it can. But Amarin this morning is releasing data from a massive study showing that its prescription-grade fish oil […]

Texas Medical Center forms ‘BioBridge’ with United Kingdom

By Christine Hall | September 12, 2018 The Texas Medical Center and the Department for International Trade in the United Kingdom formed a landmark BioBridge agreement Wednesday to provide a gateway for the advancement of life sciences between the two entities in the areas of innovation and research. The BioBridge, which included more than 18 months of preparation […]

Bipartisan bill proposes new ‘pull’ incentives for priority antibiotics

Representatives in the US House of Representatives yesterday introduced a bipartisan bill to encourage the development of new antibiotics, a move one expert called the most important antibiotic legislation in a generation. Currently, only a few large drug companies are involved in antibiotic research and development, because the cost of developing the drugs is so […]

Cost of antibiotic-resistant infections in U.S. tops $2B per year

Antibiotic resistance adds more than $1,000 to the cost of treatment for a single patient, according to a new study. Multiply that by the estimated number of antibiotic-resistant infections, and costs run well over $2 billion per year. The study, published Wednesday in Health Affairs and conducted by researchers from Emory University and Saint Louis University, used data […]