Rex Bionics – More Positive Data from RAPPER II

18 August 2016: Link here.

Rex Bionics Plc (AIM: RXB), the pioneer of the REX Robot technology that enhances the mobility of wheelchair users, is pleased to announce positive results from a second interim analysis of its RAPPER II clinical trial.  RAPPER II is multi-centre, international trial to evaluate the feasibility and safety of the REX and of a set of customised exercises performed in a REX; and the impact on quality of life (sleep, pain and spasticity).

Second Interim Analysis presented at US Military Health System Research Symposium, Florida, USA

                  ·      96% Treatment Success and no Serious Adverse Events

                  ·      Good results for quadriplegic volunteers

                  ·      Trial to be closed down – primary and secondary end-points now met

                  ·      Final results, including Quality of Life data, to be presented in November 2016