Nexvet shares promise of new treatments for chronic illness in companion animals with BSAVA Congress 2014

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BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom –‐ April 3, 2014 – Nexvet Biopharma, a leading veterinary biologic drug developer, today announced that its Chief Scientific Officer, Professor David Gearing, will be presenting at the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) Congress 2014.

The BSAVA Congress runs from April 3 – 6 and is one of Europe’s largest veterinary conferences. Professor Gearing will be in attendance throughout the conference, discussing the impact of Nexvet’s monoclonal antibody products for companion animal care, culminating in a lecture open to Congress delegates at 4:30pm on Saturday April 5th, titled “The emergence of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies as treatments for pain, cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases in companion animals.”

Nexvet is the only company focused on 100% species–‐specific monoclonal antibody therapies. The company’s vision is that these therapies will revolutionise companion animal medicine, as this class of product has already done in human healthcare. Six of the top ten best–‐selling human drugs are monoclonal antibodies, and Nexvet are committed to making these safe and effective products available for companion animals (e.g. dogs, cats and horses).

“There is a real opportunity for safer and more effective treatment options for a variety of chronic conditions in companion animals, including pain and inflammatory disease,” said Professor Gearing.

“For example, in clinical trials to date for Nexvet’s lead product for canine osteoarthritic pain, we have seen efficacy at least equal to standard–‐of–‐care treatment with NSAIDs, with no side–‐effects. The therapeutic effect has lasted for at least 4 weeks following a single injection. We’re very encouraged by the data.”

Nexvet’s lead products are based on PETisation™, its platform technology, invented by Professor Gearing, which uniquely translates monoclonal antibodies between species. PETisation takes proven, successful human therapies and creates equivalents for other species. Nexvet continues to expand a pipeline of PETised antibodies for companion animal therapy.

About Nexvet (

Nexvet Biopharma is pioneering the field of monoclonal antibody therapies for companion animals (e.g. dogs and cats) using its proprietary PETisationTM platform technology, which uniquely produces therapies 100% customised to target species. The Nexvet portfolio focuses on areas of greatest unmet medical need such as chronic pain and inflammatory diseases, in addition to a significant pipeline of medically important products.

The area of biologics has become a massive growth area in human medicine, responsible for many of the most successful drugs on the market due to their clinical effectiveness, specificity and excellent safety profiles. Nexvet’s team have international track records in the development of both human biologics and veterinary drugs, and are committed to developing biologics to drive innovation in the $20 billion global veterinary pharmaceuticals market. Nexvet is a privately held company based in Melbourne (Australia) with global operations, partners and investors.

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