Adherium Releases Next Generation Respiratory Platform Integration Services

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Melbourne, Australia – 28 April 2022: Adherium (ASX: ADR), a leader in respiratory eHealth, remote monitoring, and data management solutions, announces the release of the latest Hailie® platform integration tools comprised of an advanced Rest application programming interface (API) and a new, updated software development kit (SDK) to improve connection with partner and customer patient management systems. Both tools represent important software milestone achievements on our product development roadmap. Mr Rick Legleiter, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “To drive sales we must be flexible and easy to do business with by meeting customer needs across different channels and market segments. This includes strengthening the commercial attractiveness of our respiratory product portfolio with improved, adaptable service offerings. Our service offerings include Software as a Service (SaaS), software licensing fees, and digital devices either bundled together or purchased separately, three elements within our eHealth platform. Our SaaS offering includes integration services, enhanced data security, and clinical and provider portals interoperating with our Android and iOS Apps. We continue to develop and improve the software infrastructure along with our next generation digital sensors to offer a series of flexible customer solutions in our go-to-market strategy.” In the latest platform release, Hailie’s Rest Application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) integration services enable Adherium to securely connect with partner and customer patient management and medical records systems, as well as enabling Hailie sensors to be integrated directly with third-party clinical applications via the SDK. This release of the next generation of integrated infrastructure as shown in the Appendix extends Adherium’s interoperability capabilities and integration with disease management and clinical trial customers with the Hailie platform. We are continuing to implement new technologies and ways of improving the usability of our Hailie sensors, Apps and our platform for our customers and partners. Further good progress against our planned portfolio roadmap has already expanded our market coverage from 56% in 2021 to 71% today of the top 20 US branded medications. Our new physiological enabled sensors and software coupled with expanded US reimbursement with the new 2022 CMS1 Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) code set and the US respiratory medication market shares shifts are both favourable trends and positive proof points for Adherium. “Alongside the progressive release of inhaled medication sensors capturing both adherence and physiological parameters, today’s announcement marks a significant step forward in advancing the integration vision of Adherium’s respiratory platform and delivers on another key milestone in our infrastructure enhancements roadmap,” said Geoff Feakes, Adherium’s Chief Technology Officer. “These next generation integrations enable us to leverage our existing Hailie architecture, provide more scalable integration opportunities with the customers, and deliver the most up-to-date physiological, adherence, and inhaler technique data from the next generation of Hailie sensors. Adherium is actively engaged in implementing these technologies with our disease management and clinical trial customers today.” 1 U.S.A. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)