Adherium and Summatix announce strategic initiative to enhance Hailie™ Solution’s Digital Platform Impact

Melbourne, Australia – August 20, 2019: Leading respiratory medical device company Adherium (ASX:ADR) has unveiled its new strategic data-based initiative with Summatix Pty Ltd, with the objective of enabling clinicians globally to enhance their care of patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This follows Adherium’s post-reorganisation business model of enhancing its sensor development and platform capabilities by accessing and collaborating with leading development houses to focus on insights into how data, and its application, will impact on the practice of medicine.

Adherium will be building upon its existing relationship with Summatix Pty Ltd, a private Melbourne based medical informatics company developing an open, scalable, regulated data platform to assist its clients in the dissemination and creation of actionable medical data for clinicians in the delivery of healthcare for their patients.

Through the relationship, Adherium will gain access to the regulated Summatix platform, enabling data generated from Adherium’s connected Hailie™ sensors to be disseminated for clinical and other relevant use.

Formerly known as Smartinhalers, the Hailie™ sensors attach to a patient’s asthma or COPD medication inhaler to monitor dose compliance and promote a high level of adherence.

The Summatix digital platform allows connected external and implanted medical devices to be integrated, with the resulting data shared with patients, clinicians, payers (such as health insurers) and the connected device manufacturer. The Summatix platform complies with data privacy and security measures required by the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPPA”) and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and will have Class I certification from the US Food & Drug Administration.

Adherium and Summatix will develop a roadmap to accelerate the Hailie™ reimbursement focused rollout in the US, as well as in other key target markets including the UK, the European Union, China and Japan. This strategy will cover both Hailie™ sensor technology as well as Adherium’s digital software platform.

This follows a recent breakthrough for a new Hailie™ sensor with significantly advanced diagnostic capabilities that Adherium believes has the potential to disrupt the current smart inhaler market.

Adherium is seeking to work with Summatix and other parties to co-fund this innovation, with a focus on the US market given its favourable reimbursement of digital health solutions for remote patient monitoring.

Adherium believes that combined with the Summatix platform, the Company’s new clinical diagnostic capabilities in development will make for a market-leading formula in the US.

These capabilities will be further enhanced by using Summatix’s proprietary ‘Subjective Experience Data’ algorithm. This interactive algorithm uses behavioral science technology to quantify how asthma and COPD patients are feeling to supplement the objective Hailie™ sensor measurements on how and when they take their medications, providing clinicians with a more complete and actionable picture of a patient’s on-going health status.

Adherium and Summatix expect to deploy these insights globally as digital health reimbursement models continue to evolve.

Adherium is also pleased to announce the launch of the new Hailie™ patient-facing app and physician platform that has been entirely revamped and strengthened so that it can be easily used by millions of users globally.

Enhancements include a cloud-first architecture and compliance with global privacy and interoperability standards and will deliver significant benefits in terms of patient experience, scalability and platform cost-effectiveness.

Importantly, the new architecture will enable Adherium to quickly enter markets that have stringent data protection regulation, by ensuring that data stays in the geographical boundaries as per regulatory requirements.

“Adherium is excited to be partnering with Summatix in our continued efforts to delivertransformative asthma/COPD patient care,” said Adherium CEO Jeremy Curnock Cook.

“We are confident that when combined with the Summatix platform capabilities, Adherium’s Hailie™ solution will deliver significant advantages for patients, caregivers, doctors, and other health care providers in managing these costly diseases.”

Summatix CEO Jeff Gross said Adherium’s segment-leading smart inhaler technology would enable Summatix to demonstrate the utility of its platform for other smart device companies.

“It will also be a test case for providing US clinicians with the means to access new remote monitoring reimbursement codes, using Summatix’s auditable reports to improve their workflow and deliver better care for their patients.”

About Adherium (ASX: ADR): Adherium is a provider of digital health solutions and a global leader in connected respiratory medical devices, with more than 150,000 sold globally. The company develops, manufactures and supplies a broad range of connected medical devices for respiratory medications for patients, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and contract research organisations. Adherium’s Hailie™ solution is designed to help patients achieve better adherence and provide visibility to parents and caregivers. It does this by tracking medication use and reminding the user with helpful nudges when it’s time to take doses, and by providing access to usage history to better understand patterns in their asthma and COPD. These tools ultimately enable people who live with asthma or COPD to more easily manage their condition alongside their physician. Learn more at

About Summatix Pty Ltd: Summatix is a Melbourne based venture-funded medical informatics company commercialising an open and scalable medical data platform, capable of integrating connected implanted and/or external medical devices. The resulting data is shared with patients, clinicians, payers, and connected device manufacturer clients.

Summatix believes patients own their data –which is intrinsically valuable – and they should control its use. Therefore, Summatix will share its data monetisation profits equitably with both the patient and the client.

Summatix functions as a fee for service provider to its clients, offering its compliant platform so they can focus on their core competencies, product commercialisation and generating medical data with their devices. Learn more at