Adherium and CareCentra Team Up to Develop a Respiratory Risk Management System

Melbourne, Australia Link Here – 13 September 2022: Adherium Limited (ASX: ADR), a leader in respiratory eHealth, remote monitoring and data management solutions is pleased to announce a platform partnership with CareCentra Inc. to improve COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and Asthma care by creating a truly transformative disease management suite. CareCentra will integrate Adherium’s Hailie® platform, including the new, next generation U.S. FDA cleared digital sensors capturing physiological data and technique parameters into their Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Behaviour Shaping platform, MyMoBeMapTM.
“COPD and Asthma symptoms and breathing issues can be unpredictable. Digital tools to help patients and physicians stay connected and share real-time information is what connected care can do to transform lives,” said Rick Legleiter, CEO, Adherium. “Adherium’s partnership with CareCentra will leverage previously unavailable data for patients that need help before they have exacerbations and potentially find themselves in an emergency room or hospital. This is an exciting and important time in respiratory patient care as Adherium funds digital health solutions in real-world, scalable solutions for US health systems and payors.”
CareCentra’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Behaviour Shaping platform uses a range of data points to sense rising health risks to nudge the patient and respiratory care teams to control exacerbations and improve outcomes. The goal is to leverage respiratory biomarkers to identify rising risk and engage patients with healthcare provider support in co-managing that risk by using cutting-edge technologies in digital health. This is especially important during intervals between and after office visits (both specialist and primary care providers), and after emergency room care to avoid potential hospitalization.
“We’re creating a new way to manage respiratory diseases by leveraging an early warning system that will provide feedback to patients on actions they can take at home, like inhaler technique, medication adherence and more. In addition, our system can alert care management teams to engage patients, as needed, for swifter access to care. By leveraging digital health approaches that use behaviour science in combination with AI/Machine Learning (ML) models, we not only sense distal risk, we also help shape patient behaviours to manage that risk at home.” said Vasant Kumar, CEO, CareCentra.
Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease where the airways in the lungs become swollen or inflamed making it difficult to breathe. Asthma symptoms can vary over time and the worsening of Asthma (an Asthma attack) can be triggered by environmental exposure or allergies. There is no cure for Asthma, but it can be managed. COPD is a serious lung disease that affects 26 million people in the U.S. While the lung damage that happens with COPD cannot be repaired and the disease cannot be cured, better patient management can reduce symptoms and improve a patient’s quality of life.
Patients will be connected to a real-time remote patient monitoring (RPM) system that will capture data from multiple sources including Adherium’s inhaler sensors. The CareCentra system combines clinical, social, environmental, and behavioural data with digital biomarkers from devices to enable the AI to interpret rising levels of risk in a patient. The CareCentra system then nudges that patient with personalized micro-actions that can be taken to lower the risk based on their individual motivations and abilities, while alerting care management teams of a potential concern.

About Adherium (ASX: ADR)
Adherium is a provider of integrated digital health solutions and a worldwide leader in connected respiratory medical devices, with more than 180,000 sold globally. Adherium’s Hailie® platform solution provides clinicians, healthcare providers and patients access to remotely monitor medication usage parameters and adherence, supporting reimbursement for qualifying patient management.
The Hailie® solution includes a suite of integration tools to enable the capture and sharing of health data via mobile and desktop apps, Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API) integration tools, and Adherium’s own broad range of sensors connected to respiratory medications. Adherium’s Hailie® solution is designed to provide visibility to healthcare providers of medication use history to better understand patterns in patient respiratory disease.