Downing FOUR VCT plc - Healthcare

BioScience Managers has launched a Venture Capital Trust in partnership with Downing LLP (UK).

The Venture Capital Trust, Downing FOUR Healthcare Share Class, aims to invest in a portfolio of healthcare companies, while taking advantage of VCT tax reliefs. The strategy in respect of the qualifying investments is to focus on development and expansion funding for innovative healthcare and biomedical businesses. BioScience Managers will work closely with Downing LLP to execute this strategy and will have the role of investment adviser and will be looking at innovations with technological and market advantages, which may be close to, or are already being trialled.

The BioScience Managers’ investment professionals will use their expertise, experience and their network of specialist international industry advisers, to select the highest quality companies whose technologies we believe to have a strong chance of successful commercialisation.


If you require further information about the Fund, please refer to Downing LLC link