BioScience Managers Ventures I

BioScience Managers has established BioScience Managers Ventures I (the Fund) to invest in private, predominantly Australian innovation, healthcare and biomedical companies that are built upon advances in medical and life science research.  The Fund is a Significant Investor Visa (SIV) compliant, conditionally registered Australian Venture Capital Limited Partnership (VCLP), managed by BioScience Managers Pty Ltd.  Built upon the success of the Australian BioScience Fund I, the mandate for investment of the Fund addresses the areas of innovation for which Australia has built an international reputation in science and technology.  The Fund will be offered as a venture capital opportunity exclusively to clients of leading fund manager BT Investment Management (ASX:BTT).  

Investment criteria:

  • private companies, predominantly Australian
  • Sound science
  • IP, Freedom to Operate
  • Market opportunity
  • Advantages over known competition
  • In-or-near, clinical trials
  • Quality management/board
  • Quality investors on register
  • Clear R&D plan with budget and timelines
  • Valuation inflection point 2-4 years out
  • Validated potential exit opportunities

If you require further information about BioScience Managers Ventures I, please contact us.