BioScience Managers Translation Fund I

BioScience Managers Translation Fund I (the Fund) has been established to invest in Australian healthcare & biomedical science companies, as a participant in the Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF), established under the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.  The fund is a $100 million unit trust able to invest in both public and private companies.  The Fund’s capital is split in a 1:1 ratio of private to Commonwealth funds.

The BTF Programme has been designed to enable Australian biomedical companies finance their development and commercialisation stages. 

The objectives of the BTF programme are:-

  • To invest in promising biomedical discoveries and assist in their commercialisation
  • By addressing capital and management constraints, to encourage the development of companies which are commercialising biomedical discoveries.

BioScience Managers Pty Ltd (the Manager) will utilise its extensive international network and experience to facilitate international partnerships to address development, manufacturing and commercialisation, while simultaneously seeking to build up the local skills infrastructure both within the enterprises themselves and the key service providers.

Target companies will have clear technological and market advantages that address significant unmet global market needs and benefits for patients, have a strong chance of successful commercialisation and have the potential to be the sector’s larger enterprises of tomorrow by offering outstanding local and international development capacity.

Investment criteria:

  • Australian public and private companies
  • Advanced preclinical / Phase I-II clinical stage and medical device feasibility and pivotal stage.
  • Sound science
  • IP, Freedom to Operate
  • Market opportunity
  • Advantages over known competition
  • Quality management/board
  • Quality investors on register
  • Clear R&D plan with budget and timelines
  • Valuation inflection point 2-4 years out
  • Validated potential exit opportunities

BioScience Managers Translation Fund I investment application is here.