3-Investment-process-diagram.pdf At BioScience Managers we take great pride in our ability to think and act globally, as well as locally. We harness the combined networks and knowledge of both our global team, and our large network of international industry experts, to put together investment propositions that make sense and deliver solid returns in reasonable time frames.

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We are Australia’s only dedicated mid-stage life sciences investor, meaning we look at technologies that are “in or near the clinic”, that is, they are ready to be, or are already, trialled in humans. Unlike early stage venture capital, we look for companies where a large part of the technological risk has been removed, and we work alongside companies to ensure that their clinical programs and other activities support their objectives and are designed to achieve the best possible outcome for the company.

Our investment vehicles are "Designed for Security" via our:

Products – We build investment vehicles that bring together investor need and market opportunity and aim to provide a diversified suite of fund products to suit any investor

People – a global team with a broad range of skills and experience backed up by an extensive international network of industry experts

Performance – 30+ years of exceptional funds management performance

Process – A highly selective, robust and rigorous investment process, with a number of built in “go/ no-go” points and a proactive approach to sourcing the best possible deal flow.

Proactive Involvement Model – We take a hands-on role in supporting and advising our investee companies, giving them the best chance of success and adding significantly more value than just capital invested.