Track Record

The Bioscience Managers team has over 30+ years international funds management experience, delivering annual IRR’s over 22-40%.  With investor returns as our primary consideration, our investment model is designed to offer investors access to the life sciences and healthcare arena in a way which manages risk and return for the investors’ benefit.

Principals of Bioscience Managers have been responsible for the following funds:

  • Australian Bioscience Fund I22.5% Net IRR p.a. Net of Management and Performance Fees (July 2008- November 2014). NAV growth $34m to $60m. Top Decile ex US PE/VC Funds.^
  • International Biotechnology Trust (Rothschild): 40% gross IRR (1994-2000). NAV growth £77m to £349m.*
  • Biotechnology Investments Limited (Rothschild): 22% annual IRR (1987-1998). NAV growth $150m to $600m (1987-2000).
  • Australian Bioscience Trust (Rothschild) A$45 million dedicated life science fund for Australian market.  Now managed by GBS Venture Partners Ltd.

Across the team, our experience includes:

  • >170 Investments in Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • >40 IPO’s & Reversals across Australia, USA & UK
  • Top rated Analyst in Healthcare & Biosciences
  • Senior Executive Experience across all aspects of healthcare & life sciences
  • Global experience, reach and networks.

^ Cambridge Associates LLC Global Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds Benchmarks Q4 2013 (Please note this data is supplied to BioScience Managers at no charge)

* Ernst & Young Audit Report “Compilation of Investment Performance of the International Biotechnology Trust PLC (May 1994 to August 2000)” available on request