Jeremy Curnock Cook

Jeremey Curnock CookJeremy Curnock Cook, the former head of the life science private equity team at Rothschild Asset Management and an active investor in the Australian life science sector, is the Managing Director of Bioscience Managers.

At Rothschild, Mr. Curnock Cook was responsible for the launch of the first dedicated biotechnology fund for the Australian market and the launch of a joint venture with Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation for the creation of Healthcare Ventures, an investment vehicle dedicated to seed stage investments in Europe, as well as the conception and launch of the International Biotechnology Trust (IBT). IBT was launched in 1994 as a publicly listed investment trust focused internationally on mid stage investments in Life Sciences.

Prior to joining Rothschild, Mr Curnock Cook founded the International Biochemicals Group (IBG) in 1975, and built an 80-person company focused on the development and commercialisation of products containing tailored microbial strains for application in industrial pollution control and agriculture. IBG’s clients included multinationals McDonalds and Royal Dutch Shell. Following the successful sale of IBG to Royal Dutch Shell in 1985, Mr Curnock Cook managed the integration process into Shell operations prior to being invited to join Rothschild in 1987.

Mr. Curnock Cook has served on more than 30 boards of directors in the healthcare and medical sciences sector in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. Current board positions include:

  • Avena Therapeutics Limited (UK)
  • Phylogica Ltd (Australia)
  • Avita Medical Ltd (Australia)
  • Sea Dragon Ltd (New Zealand)
  • Nexus 6 Limited (New Zealand)
  • Rex Bionics plc (UK)
  • Excalibur Group Holdings Ltd, (UK)
  • Bioscience Managers Ltd (Australia)
  • AmpliPhi Biosciences Corporation (USA) (Chairman)
  • International Bioscience Managers Ltd (UK)

He is also a past board member of:

  • Rothschild Asset Management,
  • Biocompatibles International PLC……sold to BTG PLC
  • Cantab Pharmaceuticals PLC…..sold to Xenova PLC
  • Cambridge Research Biochemicals Ltd…sold to Zeneca PLC
  • Sirna Therapeutics Inc…sold to Merck Inc
  • Mercia Diagnostics Ltd……sold to Centocor (Johnson and Johnson)
  • SUGEN Inc……sold to Pharmaxis and Upjohn
  • Topigen Pharmaceuticals Inc ..sold to Pharmaxis
  • Delsys Inc……sold to Elan Inc
  • Angiotech Inc
  • AMRAD Ltd
  • Vernalis PLC
  • Aegera Therapeutics Inc
  • Silence Therapeutics plc (UK)
  • Bioxyne Ltd (Australia)

Mr Curnock Cook received his MA in Natural Sciences from Trinity College in Dublin in 1971, and was a research scientist at the Institute of Cancer Research from 1972 to 1973.

As Managing Director of Bioscience Managers, Mr Curnock Cook actively supports investment opportunities considered by the Manager, and their post-investment management and monitoring.  He delivers an international focus by maintaining his executive and non-executive roles in the connection with the funds and companies associated with the Company.